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When I was a little girl I was enjoying living in my own world. I was creative, feeling passionate about the world around me and my inner impressions. I enjoyed every kind of art, especially movies.

Q & A:

Q: Filmmaking is a laborious job, so what keeps you motivated?

Natalija Avramović – A: Filmmaking is one of the toughest jobs but also the most inspiring one. You take the chance to create new worlds through visuals and characters that are people from everyday life. People who are not perfect but real. Every time I feel the same artistic euphoria while I'm making the film. It was my mission to write and direct “The Spring Poem”. I founded my own production company and did everything in my power to provide financing. Writing the script was limitless creative process. Shooting was a very complex experience. My task, in dealing with other authors, was to let everyone into my inner world and encourage them to make the best of it. Making films is about giving freedom to everyone on the set and listen to the heartbeat of the movie.

Q: How much patience is required in this field? 

Natalija Avramović – A: If you feel strongly about something and if you feel the impulse within yourself you will know what to do. Even if it means that you have to be patient.

Q: How do you choose your star cast?

Natalija Avramović – A: With my debut film “The Spring Poem” I discovered my unique way of writing and interest in feature films. I’m inspired by everyday life and I want to bring the audience vivid and raw experience of women’s intima. During the casting process I feel the energy of my actresses and actors and I recognize from my guts who is the right for the part.
Q: What advice would you like to give to aspiring filmmakers?

Natalija Avramović – A: Be brave and fight for your deepest inspirations. Have the unbreakable will, you will be proud of yourself when you realize that you can do anything!

Q: Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

Natalija Avramović – A: This year, I started International Female Film Festival “Petra”, the first female festival in Belgrade, Serbia that celebrates women authors and women’s films, so we can demonstrate our strength, ideas and women’s side of the story. It will take place at The Cultural centre of Belgrade Movie theater, from 16 -18th of December. I’m also preparing two other features about Petra, my main female character. The second film will be about her 20 years long fatal love with her man, and the third one will be about Petra’s childhood. While preparing the films I’m experiencing her emotional life, especially her pains and loves, beauties and ugliness and traumas. As an author I try to be as honest as possible as a women and as a human being showing my character’s life and her personal realities.

Q: How do you handle when an actor is not professional? 

Natalija Avramović – A: I know what is my goal and that is to make the best of the moment. I’m patient but do not hesitate to fight my creative associates for the sake of the movie. In my view, when the things get tough, we get the best results.

Q: How do you choose a script that you are going to direct?

Natalija Avramović – A: I only choose myself as a scriptwriter. I have the best knowledge of my personal deepest and strongest motivations. I give myself utterly and spare no one of the characters in the story. The substance is to explore underneath the surface without compromise.

Q: Were there any funny anecdotes from your filmmaking process? 

Natalija Avramović – A: We used the real apartments of the real people who were inspiration for my characters in the story. Also, my son Gavrilo acted as himself in the movie. I decided not to change his real name. In the last chapter of the film, when the handyman breaks the wall, that was exactly what I did in my apartment in order to make an extra room for myself. So film and the real life interact.

Q: As an independent filmmaker, what is your responsibility toward your audience?

Natalija Avramović – A: I believe that my responsibility is to be honest and brave, to show things that do not represent me in the fashionable manner but in a refreshing and honorable way that is sobering.

Q: Who are your favorite filmmakers?

Natalija Avramović – A: Lars von Trier.


Still photos: @BesneSlike

Natalija Avramović Links: The Spring Poem, IMDb 

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