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When I was a little girl I was enjoying living in my own world. I was creative, feeling passionate about the world around me and my inner impressions. I enjoyed every kind of art, especially movies.

Exclusive: Get To Know Actor & Film Director of “Little Milo” the short movie – Drago Lazetich!

Drago Lazetich in the “Flow"

Drago Lazetich, award winning director was born in Yugoslavia and grew up in California and studied theatre arts, acting techniques such as Method, Meisner and with the legendary filmmaker, Roger Corman.

For his own independent film work as writer, director and producer, Little Milo has had much success in international film. It’s been nominated at the US International Hollywood golden film Awards for two Awards best upcoming actor and outstanding short film as well as Hollywood Dreamz, The Xristos Filmmaker Award and Action On Film Megafest 2018.

Q &A

Q: Please tell us what inspired you to enter into the world of films?

Drago Lazetich – A: Going to movie theaters was a way for me to escape reality when I was young. It was a form of escapism transporting to another world as a youngster was amazing. I want to do the same thing for others. One of the first films that did this for me was Gallipoli by Peter Weir. After seeing the film I was completely transported to another world that I have never experienced or seen before. This is what I try to achieve with my films..

Q: Filmmaking is a laborious job, so what keeps you motivated?

Drago Lazetich – A: I really don't know what else I can do. It's in the blood . My motivation comes from working with actors and trying to tell a unique story through visual, audio and performance.

Q: How much patience is required in this field?

Drago Lazetich – A: Overwhelming amount of patience that one needs to be in this type of confession not only from searching for capital to finance the film but working with a crew and cast to make an exceptional film. Takes a lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears which equals patience.

Q: How do you choose your star cast?

Drago Lazetich – A: For opening a restaurant the rules for success are location, location, location . In films it's casting, casting, casting to be successful. I teach acting on screen and filmmaking classes. Recently I have been using my students in my films. Building up a strong team because no man is an Island.

Q: What advice would you like to give to aspiring filmmakers?

Drago Lazetich – A: Study acting, learn martial art and play chess.

Drago Lazetich in the “Flow"

His web series, Wise Hit! a kungfu comedy and a number one hit online showing 19 episodes kicked off careers for new actors and creators.

Q: Please tell us about your upcoming projects?

Drago Lazetich – A: I'm forming a new production company with some other established filmmakers called Concept 5 Media. Our first POC (proof of concept) film called FLOW 24p distributed through streaming channels as an original series will be released first. From commercial works to feature-length films and everything in between. I must mention Shanghai Story a feature length film which I am the lead actor in it's doing quite well at International Film Festivals including winning Best International Feature Film in Dublin 2021. Official selection at the Los Angeles International Film Festival 2021 and Finalist at Wales International Film Festival 2021.

Q: Do you think directing a film is the toughest job while making a movie?

Drago Lazetich – A: Yes directing is quite difficult in so many levels from being a therapist to being a leader but it's also rewarding when the film is done.

Q: Do you agree many filmmakers fail to understand the importance of editing?

Drago Lazetich – A: Every director should know how to edit unless they're just lazy or lack of confidence in themselves. This is where most independent filmmakers drop the ball when it comes to finishing the project they get stuck in post-production they ( filmmakers) keep looking for someone else to do it for them. Learn to edit ASAP.

Q: How do you handle when an actor is not professional?

Drago Lazetich – A: Just be honest with them let them know that they don't know anything first and foremost.. but because you see something in them you will help them through the process of filmmaking to develop themselves.

Drago Lazetich in "Flow"

In 2020, The Eight Hundred became the first Chinese and first non-Hollywood film to top the global box office with more then $480 million gross. The film was a critical and commercial success. Playing the lead foreign actor by the name of Tony- American gambler and war journalist during the battle of Shanghai 1937.

Q: What are the toughest aspects of making a film today?

Drago Lazetich – A: It's always financing, to get enough capital to do the project the way it should be done. Finding investors. 

Q: How do you choose a script that you are going to direct?

Drago Lazetich – A: I write my own projects, my own properties. I write scripts so I can shoot films. That way I know the film inside out because it played in my mind from the beginning script writing.

Q: Do you think the role of a producer is vital?

Drago Lazetich – A: In independent filmmaking you are the first producer in your project because you have to gather the team from Cast to Crew and finding the right producer to help share the load is also quite important. In some ways it's like marriage. You better have the right person next to you.

Q: Do you think some movies have vulgar scenes and abuses which are not required?

Drago Lazetich – A: Some films rely on shock value which I understand from a producer perspective but it can be overused and sometimes it has nothing to do with the actual story telling of the film.

Q: As an independent filmmaker, what is your responsibility toward your audience?

Drago Lazetich – A: To entertain and maybe to pass on some new knowledge.

Q: Do you think movies can bring a good change in the society?

Drago Lazetich – A: Yes, as long as there's no censorship. The filmmaker has complete right to show society a reflection of themselves through cinema.

Q: Which actor, according to you, is all-time best actor?

Drago Lazetich – A: Christopher Walken, I love his choices he commits to as an actor. Very versatile artist.

Drago Lazetich – Links: IMDBLITTLE MILO

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